Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to be having a lesbian affair.The 'Mean Girls' star - who is currently in Japan for a fashion shoot - is said to be more than just friends with DJ Samantha Ronson, who has accompanied her on her trip.Former publicist Jonathan Jaxson wrote in his blog at "Lindsay actually has always been quite open. Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF (best friend forever) Samantha Ronson."Now I would have no bad things to say about either if Samantha wasn't deeply involved in alcohol and drugs. Not the best influence for a rehabbed Lindsay Lohan."Jaxson claims Lindsay and Samantha's fledgling same-sex romance has been confirmed by his sources.Lindsay, 20, arrives in London next month to begin shooting 'The Best Time of Our Lives' - a biopic about the love life of poet Dylan Thomas - alongside Keira Knightley.

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  1. by stifler 19th Feb 2008 06:22

    how can u b sure that she is a lesbian!! do u have any photos in support of this nasty rumour!!

  2. by mike 15th Mar 2008 05:41


  3. by zak1802 22nd Apr 2008 21:50

    god i hope shes BI. I hope she brings out a celeb sex tape with her companions. booyah

  4. by dudeman 23rd Apr 2008 10:47

    I need visual proof, maybe even need to participate...!

  5. by kiera ann bonnie corby 10th May 2008 11:59

    hahaha yuck you are all chat im guessing ugly people who are obese but not to worry im not and i unlike you do not need a dick up me to be satisfied...and id happily fuck lindsay lohan ... Read More

  6. by ashley 28th May 2008 22:50

    Ehh dudemans nasty, get a life you perv

  7. by brian 01st Jun 2008 01:48

    she is definately lesbian. if a man were caught doing these things with another man, he would be considered gay. wake up america, most woman are bisexual or lesbian.

  8. by LOOLOO 02nd Jun 2008 00:18


  9. by eliza 02nd Jun 2008 02:26

    Brian, "most women are lesbian or bisexual" really. And what is your source for this staggering statistic? Probably just your fantasies filling your mind!

  10. by Pisces19 03rd Jun 2008 04:50

    WTF!! is going on with Lindsey

  11. by MizStarz 04th Jun 2008 21:45

    I am totally for it! I am a femme girl,and I love some femme girls. I just think it would be way more hot if she were hooking up with Hillary duff! Rrrrr

  12. by PlanetJanet 05th Jun 2008 17:51

    Both my husband and I are passionately in love with Ms. Lohan. So there!

  13. by gabor 06th Jun 2008 21:22

    Don't bother lookin' at her anymore, she's a freakin' carpet muncher!

  14. by Dani 07th Jun 2008 03:47

    it shouldnt matter who lindsay is seeing. So what let her be who she is, she's not fucking you is she? So keep your opionion and your religion out of her bedroom and her life styl.

    T... Read More

  15. by Naveen K. Talwar 07th Jun 2008 08:10

    Would not it be great idea if Ms Lohan & Ms. Ronson undergo training under Ms. Angelina Jolie .

  16. by Matt 08th Jun 2008 16:59

    Who cares? Let her be happy and keep your opinion to yourself

  17. by Matt 15th Jun 2008 15:31

    I agree with Brian that it does seem that more and more females are entering into this type of orientation, to the point where the saying exists: "no woman is more than a martini away f... Read More

  18. by matt 15th Jun 2008 15:37

    I meant to say that having a lesbian affair is the LEAST of her worries.

  19. by peach 19th Jun 2008 13:57

    O-M-G! :o ahhh... sum rolemodel..ur menta be sum1 to look up 2 ur going the rong way about it u dyke! how can you be in love with your best friend- sort it out!

  20. by sam 19th Jun 2008 13:59

    i like bit of lesbian fun myself

  21. by Lora 19th Jun 2008 14:38

    Dear Sam,

    I too enjoy lesbian bum fun

    Lora x

  22. by dylan-leigh 20th Jun 2008 08:48

    you know what i think if she wants to be with a girl let her maybe this will be gud for her i knw for a fact that before i became settled with my partner i was alwayz tryna find the rig... Read More

  23. by sexy damo xx 28th Jun 2008 22:28

    well i love lindsay shes f***ing ace if she wants to be a liver licker (lesbian) then thats her choice. dont nock it till u av tried it, im a big fan ov lindsay and at the end of the da... Read More

  24. by sdsf 06th Jul 2008 05:18


  25. by Poppy 09th Jul 2008 13:10

    It makes no difference what sexuality she has, i for one think that it is nice to see a beautiful lesbian and not type cast as a butch short hair one. Nothing wrong with the butch type... Read More

  26. by eric simms 09th Jul 2008 17:08

    i wish i could be a girl so i could have a lesbian relationship...we always want what we dont have!

  27. by Roger 11th Jul 2008 05:10

    Dykes!! They should be sent to prison with latisha as their prison mate!

  28. by John 11th Jul 2008 22:06

    Its great to see so many mature adults who lower themselves with there sex comments.
    Her sexuality is her own concern and if she says she's not a lesbian then we should take her at her... Read More

  29. by poppy 14th Jul 2008 14:43

    I agree with your comment John, some people are just small minded petty poeple.

  30. by erin 15th Jul 2008 05:59

    well i think if shes happy, let her be happy.
    whether shes gay, straight or bisexual, its her choice!!

  31. by bexxi 23rd Jul 2008 17:49

    god itz the 21st century who cares if shes a lesbian i dont think anyone cares anyway.

  32. by niamh pratt from east boldon juniors 28th Jul 2008 11:21

    i think it's great that lindsay lohan is a lesbien cos i want to be 1 does anyone want to go out with me?

  33. by muver-fucker 01st Aug 2008 12:38

    ...Gays are OK if your not HOMOPHOBIC like me...but if your not HOMOPHOBIC then good for you!
    But i hate Lindsay Lohan anyway so it doesn't bother me...

  34. by a 01st Aug 2008 13:01

    Lindsay is a great actress but being lesbian with all the men in this world,shes crazy.

  35. by bmp_set_spyke26 14th Aug 2008 17:39

    i can't believe she's gay. that is surprising and i never would've thought it. i'm dissappointed.

  36. by Lindsay Lohan 24th Aug 2008 16:03

    im a lesbo and yu need to deal with it . its up to me if i wanna be a lesbo then i will so everyone needs to mind there own bussiness

  37. by E Choe from Tampa 25th Aug 2008 19:39

    I can't believe she decided to be a lesbo. I bet she's going to change her mind in a year. However, I hope she keeps this nasty lifestyle in the down low because it's disgusting to watch.

  38. by you got 2 b sh#%**ting me 04th Sep 2008 00:26

    all thoes motherfuckers out there need 2 mind
    their own Damn buissnes and if being a
    lesbian makes her happy let her a fucking
    lesbo oh my god is it seriusly that hard
    fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read More

  39. by Claire 07th Sep 2008 17:36

    omg i cnt believe that she has come out! think its brill even tho her girlfriend is not that appealing! oh wel just goes to show that being gay is the in thing!

  40. by Yo Mumma 16th Sep 2008 17:55

    Does any one have a clue? God there are some really pathetic people in this world. Lindsay didn't turn gay. She fell in love with a woman. I don't think she decided to be gay and then s... Read More

  41. by kanishka 25th Sep 2008 10:26


  42. by Aron masters 30th Sep 2008 18:34

    I Think Lindsay Lohan is a Beautiful Lady She Should not turn herself in to lesbian because there are hundreds of men who love her a lot and she should look on the otherside

  43. by AllyGrl 02nd Oct 2008 11:09

    I fell in love with a girl once. It was fun, beautiful and exciting. It was true love, but it faded over time. Now I am back to boys, but I know I could be with a girl if she is the ri... Read More

  44. by impRessEd** 14th Oct 2008 13:52

    hey ppl give the gal a break who she wants to date is her biz and others shd just mind their own biz. i mean seriously get a life. it was brave of her to come out and say that she loved... Read More

  45. by Max Wunsche 20th Oct 2008 20:34

    If she's gonna be a clam digger why such an ugly clam?

  46. by Lewis D J 16th Nov 2008 11:40

    Leave her alone. My auntie is a lesbien and so fu*cking what. Her 'girlfriend' may not be that attractive I must addmit.

  47. by Jo 03rd Dec 2008 17:34

    aron master, are you mental? or were you just raised by wolves? (if so im extremely sorry, maybe you can get some schooling now)

  48. by lugosi 06th Dec 2008 17:28

    i think it's fantastic that she's come out.she should be accepted for who she is.(even though i can't escape the feeling that it may be a publicity stunt...)

  49. by dayglo 29th Jan 2009 20:03

    Please understand no-one "decides to be gay" you are born that way. Think about it: no-one would actually choose a lifestyle which is ridiculed and critisized, there is absolutely NO b... Read More

  50. by sweet 01st Feb 2009 01:43

    i think its sweet that linday has fallen 4 a girl,why not why is it made a massive thing just cus it happens 2 be a woman.well i think good 4 her i hope it works out 4 her.

  51. by Nouvo 13th Apr 2009 06:05

    I love Linsey the way she is but I dont think she is a lesbian fully coz she still make love , having special relation with guys she Bi...however u can trust me American guys let's hope!

  52. by [email protected] 22nd May 2009 08:17

    have u forget that men around the world love her