Angelica Huston's Botox Nightmare.THE LIFE AQUATIC star ANGELICA HUSTON has sworn off Botox injections after her face froze during her last cosmetic procedure.The actress had received collagen injections in the past, but was persuaded by her doctor to give Botox a try.She explains, "It wasn't a very good thing. I'll be honest, once in awhile I have a little collagen - but not in the lips, I don't like those big moo-moo lips."I went to a doctor who said, 'Angelica, we have this wonderful new thing, it's called Botox. He took a huge needle and plunged it into my third eye."The pain was something inexplicable. I gasped, I writhed and when I came to, I had a headache that lasted four days. A serious one."Huston's husband, artist ROBERT GRAHAM, immediately noticed something was different about his wife's appearance.She adds, "I went home to my husband that night - he's a sculptor he has a good eye and he said, 'What have you done?' I said, 'Nothing,' and he said, 'No, you've had something done.' "A little bit later that night we were having dinner in a restaurant and he was telling me some horrible story. I would say, 'Oh, that's really ghastly,' and I had no expression whatsoever. We got into a terrible fight".

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