Daily Horoscope

You find yourself having to play the role of detective in order to find the truth sandwiched between two lies.

Know how far to go when asking questions as it may well be a case of certain things left covered the better.

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Weekly Horoscope

The attitude of a lifetime is not easy to change overnight, but if you wear your new outlook every day, it will soon become second nature.

Family prove demanding, but if you set your ground rules sooner rather than later you’ll stay in control of what is clearly a very emotive situation.

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Monthly Horoscope

There are many issues which you are not dealing with and you are the only one who seems to get hurt in the process.

Have you looked around you lately? All others want to do is help you, not hinder you.

You can’t seem to see the wood for the trees.

Taking time out to do something which you know relaxes you is the key to you finding your way to the future of your dreams.

Aries link to difficult and demanding times, but you can surpass them with manners and a professional attitude.

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