Daily Horoscope

Careful of taking on debts you will not be able to handle.

It would be far better for you to wait and plan a more affordable way of dealing with your financial future.

A new friend has the potential to be so much more.

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Weekly Horoscope

The need to see someone who holds important answers for you, could see you telling lies to those who know you well.

Remember that although you are a clever sign those who care for you will see through any tall stories you try to tell.

Laying all your cards on the table before Thursday can help you gain respect and friends from all sides.

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Monthly Horoscope

Stop leaving such important tasks until the last minute, or you will cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Your sign is known for their ability to handle more than one thing at once.

Try to make a game plan for yourself sooner rather than later and you’ll soon see that you’re firmly back in the driving seat.

A new attraction after the 17th makes you question what you thought you wanted from your personal life.

Take your time, there is much for you to learn this month before you make any permanent personal decisions my friend.

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