Daily Horoscope

If you could just stop and take in what is going on around you at the moment, then you would stand a better chance at making sense of things and of deciding what to do.

A new flirtation begins today.

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Weekly Horoscope

Patience is your new best friend, so give him some consideration.

I can see from your chart how much you've been rushing through your life and I also see what you've missed out on because of it.

The chance to have some down time with those you love must be accepted, even if it means losing out on finances elsewhere to do so.

Family come to mind with an anniversary of sorts.

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Monthly Horoscope

Family have not been easy to deal with and you may have had to pay out for something or someone that was not your responsibility.

Games are being played in love, but it’s vital that you don’t join in with them.

Your house of work is full of opportunity but you may be required to pay for something you don’t feel is your responsibility.

By the 22nd you will realise why it is worth doing so.

An ex is on your mind for all the wrong reasons.

Beware of getting in contact until you can work out why you are thinking about them.

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