Daily Horoscope

An outspoken mood could see you telling others secrets.

Careful my friend.

Know how far is too far to go.

Family prove trying but a compromise can be the key to the peace you all seek.

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Weekly Horoscope

I can see that you don’t feel there are enough hours in the day for you lately, but try to use today to work out a better working week for yourself.

Fun times link to a phone call you need to return.

Aspects suggest you need to be able to work and play so that you don’t feel unappreciated or used.

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Monthly Horoscope

It is imperative that you try to be open to new ideas and that you attempt to avoid old habits and ways.

It could be your downfall if you do not my friend.

Your ruling planet Venus helps you make sense of recent mixed messages and also enables you to feel more confident about where you want to go with your future and with whom.

An ex is on your mind for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t call them.

You and I both know you will regret it.

Visiting new places socially opens up a new and more fulfilling chapter for you.

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