Lego pieces is one of the most common object found on the coast of Cornwall.

Beach discoveries

Beach discoveries

An exhibition called Bizarre Beachcombing, which was curated by the Friends of Portheras Cove and Centre of Pendeen community centre, has collated all of the strange pieces that have been washed up onto shore over the past 12 months, and among the discarded waste and plastic that have been found ''vintage toys'' and mermaid tails are among the most unusual to be on display.

Speaking about their findings to Cornwall Live Michelle Costello - who runs Smartie-lids-on-the-Beach - told Cornwall Live: ''I have been cleaning beaches for three years, removing huge amounts of washed up plastic items and rope from our beautiful beaches. Among the plastic on the tide line I often find micro-plastic, Lego, soldiers, lost vintage toys and Smarties lids.''

The free exhibition, which runs until Tuesday (15.08.17), has not only compiled details of shipwrecks over the years, but they have also collated an array of Smarties lids as well as colourful lighters which have been found by only one person within six months.

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