A pensioner, who won £1 million on a scratch card, thought he had won a pint of milk.

Millionaire lotto mishap

Millionaire lotto mishap

Bill Bett, from Markinch in Fife, Scotland, scratched off the numbers on his Monopoly Millionaire card, but believed his prize which read '1 mil' was a milk freebie, according to BBC News.

Mr Bett insisted his shopkeeper had to drill it into him that he had in fact won the top prize and was now a millionaire.

He said: ''When I saw the amount it didn't really click at first. On the card it reads 1MIL and I thought what does this mean - I've won a pint of milk?

''I went back into the shop and asked them to check it. They confirmed that I had won and that I'd have to call the Lottery line. I couldn't believe it but I actually remained quite calm.''