A woman has vowed never to exercise after applying fake tan again after she suffered a major beauty blunder.

Beauty blunder

Beauty blunder

Eve, who lives in Falkirk in Scotland, decided to apply the cosmetic product prior to getting sweaty in the gym, and was shocked to discover after her fitness session that was left with the brand of her leggings emblazoned on her skin as the tanning lotion had wiped off in certain areas except for where the logo was.

The female took to social media to speak about the mishap and to warn others about it.

Alongside a picture of her leg, which had 'Adidas' imprinted on her calf in white whilst the rest of her limb appeared to be bronzed, she tweeted: ''that's the last time a work out with tan on btw ahahah (sic).''

suffered a beauty blunder after working out following a fake tan session.

And Eve's public announcement has encouraged other fake tan users to speak out about their problems with the product.