Irrfan Khan believes Indian films are growing more popular around the world.

Irrfan Khan wikipedia

Irrfan Khan wikipedia

The 49-year-old actor - who has starred in the likes of 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Life of Pi' and can next be seen alongside Tom Hanks in 'Inferno' - believes the perception of movie making in his home country has changed dramatically over the last decade.

He said: "The perception of international audiences has changed with time about India, especially its cinema. Right when we as an industry started growing and Indian films picked up the pace in film festivals around the world, the popularity grew.

"There are growing instances where Indian films have even done great business at the international box office."

And Irrfan thinks Indian success around the world is no longer restricted to ex-pats residing abroad, but believes an increasing number of Westerners are taking a growing interest in the industry.

He told the Indian Express: "Now the audience isn't only restricted to Indians residing abroad, there is a growing population of westerners who are keeping a close eye on Indian films."

And Irrfan thinks that is great for Indian actors because the sorts of roles they are being offered are much more interesting than "caricaturish" stereotypes.

"Now they recognise Indian actors and are welcoming them with a lot more than just caricaturish roles. Our films are truly making a difference from a content perspective and is changing India's perception of being a land of song and dance and snake charmers".

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