I have written a series of stories called Behind the Fairy Door® with the first one launched this month and four more due this year.  It really is a dream come true for me and this particular series has been developed since my son was six years old.  He is now twenty!  He was most definitely not a keen reader but would share in great excitement when there was a new story for us to read together about the next imaginary character and what adventure they were about to set off on!

Alison May

Alison May

The series is set in Silver Birch Dell, a place which can be found behind a fairy door, where a varied bunch of characters live and play.  The books are split into three chapters as I believe that this gives both child and adult the opportunity to read together at their own pace.  Some children are just too inquisitive to contain their curiosity and if able will want to read from start to finish.  Some children will look forward to this as a chapter each night and part of their bedtime story. 

I have a five year old Goddaughter who has just been given the first story and her reaction I hear, was precisely what I wished for.  After being read chapter one, she was already trying to predict what would happen next and so in turn allowing her own imagination to open up.  DT The Railway Cat, who stars in this particular book, sees his very first shooting star.  This opened a conversation between mother and daughter as they read together.  My Godaughter wondered when she would see her first shooting star!

The stories are full of colourful illustrations, very warm and engaging so there is interest for young readers to discuss the story through pictures, again allowing relationships to develop between reader and listener. 

The books have been produced in a size which is comfortable to handle, not too big, not too small! They are reminiscent of my childhood storybooks and I hope that they will be enjoyed by many.

Whatever a child chooses to read is irrelevant; what is very relevant is that they choose to read!

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