I grew up in the fiction era of fainting women saved by big strong men. I do have to tell you I have never in my life fainted, although I’d love to fall into the arms of a hunky strong man. I probably overreacted which is why I love writing strong women, those who despite whatever challenges they face, don’t swoon and wring their hands. In the Strike Force series, I especially needed strong heroines because the heroes are all members of First Special Operational Forces—Delta. The legendary Delta Force.

Unconditional Surrender

Unconditional Surrender

Nothing fazes these men and it takes a strong woman to keep up with them. Such as my heroine in Book #1, Unconditional Surrender. Kari Malone is a highly respected prosecuting attorney. She’s gone toe to toe with the toughest defense attorneys and her convictions rate is astonishing. So when she suddenly acquires a stalk, she’s not one to just cut and run. She won’t give in to his scare tactics, even as the police struggle to identify who he is.

Eventually, however, the danger becomes so great she leaves Chicago and moves to San Antonio to get away from him. It’s not like her to let someone chase her away like that but in this case her safety comes first.

She is busy building a new life for herself there, taking control of her situation because like all my heroines, Kari Malone takes control as much as she can. When Slade Donovan, Delta Force team leader, walks into her life again after five years, she is determined that he not see her as someone who ran away from trouble. It was fun for me to write their scenes and show their relationship as the battles in bed and out of it show two very strong personalities.

I also like to choose different professions for my heroines, everything from barrel racers to sharp shooters to someone facing the challenge of the wife/working mother balancing act. Part of the enjoyment I get out of writing these books is putting myself in the place of each heroine and trying to think what I would do.

There is another side to this coin, though, that is equally as important as showing strength. What’s that, you say? Making sure the heroines come across as feminine as well. There is a long held theory (fading fast, thank goodness), that women who have strength of personality and character sacrifice their femininity for it. 

 Not so!

In fact, in the majority of women, that strength enhances their femininity. Take Kari Malone, for example. A highly regarded prosecutor, she might chew up defense attorneys for breakfast, but when she is with Slade she is every bit a hot, sexy, appealing woman. In fact, that strength only enhances her appeal.

I have discovered my readers want—no, demand!—women who are smart, self-assured, and not defeated by adversity. In the rare instances when I tried to write a heroine who was faced with many challenges and simply went along with things until external activities changed her status, my Inbox was jammed with emails from readers who actually hated her. Go figure!

So I stick to what I love and do best—strong smart, sexy women who can handle adversity but are smart enough to accept help when they need it. Who go after what they want without losing their appeal. Who are a great match for the men they love.

Does that mean sparks fly when there is confrontation? Of course! But think how exciting the making up is!

I hope you will take time to enjoy Kari and Slade’s story in Unconditional Surrender, and then check out the other heroines in Strike Force as each book is released.

And just to tease you a little, watch for Where Danger Hides, Book #1 in Corporate Heat. The heroine is a talented architect who becomes CEO of a billion dollar conglomerate, aided by a man who is drawn to her strength as much as her beauty. She’s one of my favorite heroines.

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