'This is what's going to happen,' I explained to Kieran very matter of factly. To my surprise he agreed to go through with it. But as soon as the guy arrived Kieran announced he was going to the gym while the equipment was being set up. Now I know he'd read up on ways to cheat a lie detector test. He'd escaped to neck Red Bull and run on the treadmill so he could get his heart rate up and change his breathing. Talk about deluded! Even the lie detector guy commented on how bad it looked that he'd gone to the gym in the first place. When he did reappear Kieran looked casual, like he didn't have care in the world. He even had me fooled. Why doesn't he look scared? I kept thinking. I'd be shitting myself!

Next was the pre- test interview where the polygraph test was explained. We also discussed the questions that I wanted to ask as I'd been told I was only allowed three. That was frustrating. I had so many going round my head. In the end, I narrowed it down from . . . ooh . . . around 100! Overall I was pleased with the questions I chose and Kieran . . . well, Kieran didn't have a say in the matter.

When it came to it, I wasn't allowed in the room while the test was being conducted. Apparently, everything had to be done in a controlled environment. Obviously I was the least controlled person there, so I sat outside with Gaylin by my side. I swear to God, it was the longest hour of my life. A monitor was clipped on to Kieran's finger to measure his pulse, and a strap placed around his chest to measure any changes in his breathing. Attached to his upper arm was an inflatable cuff, like doctors use when they're measuring your blood pressure, and all the wires fed into a laptop computer. The guy told me afterwards that Kieran was calm and collected throughout the whole process. He answered clearly and with no hesitation. So here's what I asked:

1. Apart from the one time Kate knows about, have you passionately kissed Jane? Kieran answered 'No'.

2. Apart from kissing, have you engaged in any sexual activity with Jane? Kieran answered 'No'.

3. Since you've returned from Cape Verde have you had any contact with Jane? Kieran answered 'No'.

The results were analysed on the spot and I was told the outcome there and then. The expert's conclusion read: 'It is the opinion of the examiner that Kieran Hayler was not being truthful during this examination.'


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