For the sake of her future, she must look to her past.

Secrets Lies and Fireworks

Secrets Lies and Fireworks

It has been almost five years since Seth and Cassidy got their happily ever after and they are more in love than ever. Seth’s business is booming and Cassidy adores her fast-paced career as a nurse.

The entire Hamilton clan is preparing for a big Fourth of July bash. But an arrival from Cassidy’s past the day before the party sends Seth and Cassidy’s world into chaos. Cassidy is forced to look inward, to acknowledge that even though she is blissfully happy with Seth, she has been holding back all these years.

Sometimes, to move forward, you have to go back.

Book 1 in the Beautiful Saviors series

Exclusive Extract:

The automatic doors parted with a familiar swish and as I stepped through them I left the fast-paced life of patients, medical charts and beeping equipment for a world that was only just beginning to wake up. More often than not, leaving work as the dawn broke, the sky tinged with pinks and oranges, was something I enjoyed. I’d take a deep breath of crisp, clean air, having been inhaling dry air conditioning tinged with that weird medical smell that went hand in hand with a hospital, and feel sort of cleansed.

But then there were mornings like this one, where the night had been long and hard and even the dulcet tones of pretty little birdies couldn’t lift my spirits. My brain swirled with the shouts of doctors and the crying of family members. All I wanted to do was dive head-first into my bed and sleep for a few weeks.

Maybe devour a plateful of pancakes first.

And wash them down with a bottle of vodka.

“Penny for your thoughts, gorgeous?”

My heart flip-flopped at the familiar voice and I about broke my neck whipping my head around to look at him. There he was in all his Seth-Hamilton-esque glory, sprawled on the bench, just like he’d been that first time, so many years ago now, and just like he’d been so many times since, waiting for me to come back to him.

Emotion crept up my throat as he rose and closed the distance between us. Somehow he’d known this had been a killer shift. Either total coincidence, a stroke of luck, or sixth sense… Whatever it was, I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“Hey,” I said as he wrapped his arms around me. “What are you doing here so early?”

Seth pulled me close to his body and I sank into his embrace, needing it more than I think he realized. “I ended up pulling an all-nighter. Things have been getting crazy now that summer is setting in. Figured I’d come see my girl…”

About the Author:

Armed with scraps of paper and a lot of tape, I sat down to create my first work of fiction aged six. Since then I have been honing my skill and have moved on to computers and have found them to be a lot less sticky.

A voracious reader, I devour as many books a year as I can get my hands on and when I’m not falling head first into other worlds, I am creating my own.

As well as erotic fiction, I also write Young Adult and historical romances.

I live in Scotland with my husband and two children. We also share our home with a bonkers cat who makes life interesting at the very least.