Type 2 Diabetes: How to Kick its Ass

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Kick its Ass

What can you tell us about your book Type 2 Diabetes?


The book demonstrates how I was able to get rid of type 2 diabetes in just 8 weeks. I went from a blood sugar level of was 293 mg/dl (16.28 mmol/L) in late October 2007 to a level of 79 mg/dl (4.39 mmol/L) on January 18, 2008 at 5:45 pm. The level of 79 mg/dl was not an anomaly. I took eight blood sugar readings that week, and the average reading for the week was 94 mg/dl (5.22 mmol/L). No drugs were involved in those numbers, it was all exercise, diet, and pressure on tipping points that gave me this result. The book outlines in detail how to do this. I am just an ordinary man – anyone can do what I did by following the methods I devised. They are simple and straightforward.

Tell us about in 2007 when you first developed diabetes after working long hours.


In 2007 after working long hours and a lot of weekends and being unable to exercise I suddenly found I had very high blood sugar. At the end of October 2007 my blood sugar in a medical test was 293 mg/dl (16.28 mmol/L). Two other tests done the same week were around the same level at 255 mg/dl (14.17 mmol/L) and 245 mg/dl (13.61 mmol/L) so I definitely had a problem.

Why did you decide to look at Diabetes from an engineering point of view rather than a medical one?


I decided to look at it from an engineering point of view when I found out that when you first get type 2 diabetes your pancreas is often putting out three times as much insulin as a normal pancreas. If that is the case then there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pancreas and yet we are told that type 2 diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. It was at that point I decided to look at the body as a machine that was out of equilibrium and try and figure out how to push it back into equilibrium. I also decided that drugs were not an option.


What are the symptoms of diabetes?


The big problem is often that there are none until it has progressed. My book will show you how to block diabetes by making changes before it starts and if you already have it then you can use the book to change your lifestyle and radically drop your blood sugar.


Why is it important that we lower our blood sugar levels to the right amount?


One of the first things that can happen with high blood sugar is high levels of anger and irritation. If your blood sugar rises and stays high then it will begin to throw all kinds of things in the body out of equilibrium. Coupled with high sugar levels will also be high insulin levels and that also affects systems in the body.

What can happen if diabetes is not controlled?


My book is all about draining the blood sugar reservoirs in your body and exercises to rev up Glucose Transporter 4 in your cells which is the main glucose transporter that transports blood sugar into muscles. I don’t dwell on the bad things that can happen with type 2 diabetes because I don’t think fear helps anyone. Churchill’s message that the only thing to fear is fear itself is an important message.

Why is it important to you to get the message out about this?

If there is a way to get rid of type 2 diabetes just by working hard for 8 weeks and draining the blood sugar reservoirs to put pressure on tipping points in the body then we should all know how to do this.

How much research was required to put this book together?


A lot. I spent $300 on books when I first got type 2 diabetes. Hidden in there was the fact that when you first get type 2 diabetes your insulin levels are 3 times normal. It was at that point that I realized that type 2 diabetes is not a disease of the pancreas and that if pressure was taken off the pancreas by reducing the amount of sugar (carbs) entering the system and increasing the amount of blood sugar burned up through exercise then the pancreas could then take over again and normalize blood sugar levels and that is in fact, exactly what happened to me when I put this system into practice. It is not rocket science and it is easy to do.


What are the easiest ways we can reduce our likelihood of getting diabetes?


Make sure you take some exercise five times a week or whatever is right for you. Even walking 3 to 5 miles five times a week will give you a good chance of staving off type 2 diabetes. The other thing to do is avoid processed food like the plague. There are no micronutrients in processed food. Something is contributing to this massive upswing of type 2 diabetes which is occurring in many countries in the world. Thin people are getting it too so somewhere we have changed something and by doing that we have put pressure on a tipping point which is now pushing us into type 2 diabetes. I am pretty certain that the tipping point is in the liver but I have no way of proving that. In the meantime, until we have the evidence, the information in my book can show you how to put pressure on tipping points in the opposite direction and throw your body out of type 2 diabetes.


Here are the Amazon links for Type 2 Diabetes: How to Kick its Ass:

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BRJFLOS

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BRJFLOS


The book is also available on Barnes and Noble Nook and it should soon be available as a paperback print-on-demand book on Amazon using their Create Space platform.


What is next for you?


Most of my work is in fiction. I wrote this book purely as a service to mankind and womankind because I believe nobody should have to suffer. This is perhaps a naïve point of view but I grew up in a halcyon era when the men and women who went through World War II wanted a better world. My parents would often talk about men who had died in France or Germany or about women who had been widowed during the war and it gave me an appreciation of what their generation had gone through.


I have just released a new short story in my Dangerous Scotsman series called “A Dangerous Scotsman in Tajikistan”. This follows on from “A Dangerous Scotsman in Afghanistan”, which was released last year and did really well. Tajikistan is next to Afghanistan and a rare form of jewelry called “lapis lazuli” comes from that area which has a beautiful blue color. Here are the Amazon links for the book:


Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BZHU4Y4

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BZHU4Y4


In February I released “Assassination in Miami” which is about an ex-SAS British soldier who is employed as an assassin by a group out of Philadelphia. So far this has done well in the UK and the US and it has also sold in Germany. This is a follow on to “Assassination in Washington D.C. which has been one of my most popular books. Here are the Amazon links to Assassination in Miami:


Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00B9MZFOY

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B9MZFOY


The next book in this series will be “Assassination in Detroit” and I plan to start writing that one soon.


All my books are available on Barnes and Noble as well as on Amazon

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