'Broadchurch' deleted scenes show Detective Inspect Hardy ask to take his online date out again.

Olivia Coleman and David Tennant for 'Broadchurch'

Olivia Coleman and David Tennant for 'Broadchurch'

The popular ITV series aired its final episode of its second series on Monday (17.04.17) evening, which saw Trish Winterman's (Julie Hesmondhalgh) rapist finally revealed, but scenes that have been cut from this season, which have been obtained by Metro Online, hint to a potential love blossoming between David Tennant's character Alec Hardy and his potential suitor Zoe after he walks her home following their romantic meal.

Speaking in the edited clip the detective says to the blonde-haired beauty, who he met on a dating app, which his on-screen daughter set up for him: "You don't know that I am who I say I am just from an app. I could be anyone.

"I mean I am, I'm completely who I say I am but you can't be sure, you can't be sure I'm that guy. You're right you do need to be careful."

And when asked if he would like to carry on their date inside Zoe's home he politely declined, but tries to plan another meet up.

Zoe said: "This was nice.

"Do you?"

Hardy declined and said: "No, given everything that's going on.

"Sorry, it's long hours. I thought I was in the right state for this, maybe I'm not.

"Can we try this again sometime?"

To which Zoe said: "Yes, I'd like that."

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