Caitlyn Jenner is "so thankful" Kim Kardashian West is "okay".

Kim Kardashian West (c) Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram

Kim Kardashian West (c) Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram

The 66-year-old television personality - who was formerly known as Bruce Jenner prior to her gender transition earlier this year - is relieved to hear her step-daughter is safe and well after five thieves dressed as policemen robbed her at gunpoint in her apartment in Paris, France, and stole more than $10 million worth of jewels on Monday (03.10.16).

The 'I Am Cait' star - who was previously married to Kim's mother Kris Jenner - took to social media to show her concern.

Alongside a black and white photo of Kim, which was shared on Caitlyn's Instagram account, she wrote: "Love my girl! After hearing the full story, I'm so thankful she's okay. It's a reminder for us all to be careful in the uncertainty of this world (sic)."

However, the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner gang, including the 'Selfish' author, have remained quiet on social media since the incident earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the 'Selfish' author's bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, is adamant the culprits will be found.

Speaking previously, he said: "The events that occurred in Paris was one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard.

"We have tips and leads and we will find you. That I promise messed with the wrong one."

Police sources have revealed Kim was tailed by two men in the days before the robbery, with the suspects - described as Caucasian and North African and having French accents - posing as a plain-clothes detective and a photographer to gain 'close surveillance' information ahead of the terrifying incident.

A source said: "Kim Kardashian was tailed for at least three days before the robbery.

"We know there was one man who pretended to be a photographer who followed the American celebrity on a motorbike to find out her whereabouts. Another man pretended to be a plain-clothed detective to try to get a seat next to her at the exclusive Ferdi restaurant on Thursday night.

"But both men were fakes."