Casey Affleck can't understand what motivates social media trolls to devote so much of their time to hate.

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck

The Oscar winner - whose brother is Ben Affleck - is underwhelmed by the thought of posting his thoughts and experiences on the internet to share with other people and he thinks it is totally "absurd" that some individuals only log on to attack others.

Speaking in the new issue of GQ Germany magazine, he said: "I don't even know how social media works. I wouldn't know what I should post there. It's quite absurd that total strangers meet online in order to tell each other that they hate each other. I couldn't deal with that at all, which is why I completely stay out of this."

Casey, 42, maybe uninterested in the public's opinion of him and his films and the views of critics but he does very much respect his children's views and he always wants feedback from his sons, 13-year-old Indiana and nine-year-old Atticus, on his work.

The 'Manchester by the Sea' star - who is divorced from the boys' mother, actress Summer Phoenix - said: "I don't even read 99 per cent of the reviews, just a few. I prefer reading the negative ones over the positive ones. I can deal better with reproof than with flattery.

"My children are my greatest critics. They don't just see the actor in me. It's about my essence, about my way of living. There's no one like your children when it comes to feedback. This is the kind of feedback that really matters to me."