Rosie Webster's 'Coronation Street' return will bring a "lot of headaches" for her sister Sophie.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan recently announced she will return to Weatherfield for a brief stint as the aspiring model, and now 'Corrie' boss Kate Oates has revealed Rosie's younger sister - who is played by Brooke Vincent - will have a lot of problems to deal with thanks to her flighty sibling.

She said: "[Bringing Rosie back] was something we toyed with as she is such a colourful character.

"Also, I thought it would be great for Sophie, who I'd like to see led up the garden path a bit and get into some trouble.

"I think Rosie is going to cause Sophie a lot of headaches..."

Georgia Taylor is also returning to the soap as Toyah Battersby, while Sam Robertson will reprise his role as Adam Barlow, and Kate thinks they have struck the right balance with being true to the show's roots as well as looking forward to the future.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "Characters such as Toyah are the ones people really miss - they feel so 'Corrie' and still have those connections.

"She feels true to the show's past without harking back too much, which is an important thing.

"That's the fine line you tread with a soap - you want to be true to its roots but also look forward.

"I think everyone we have brought back so far has that capacity."

And Kate is looking forward to harking back to the Mike Baldwin v Ken Barlow days with a feud between their sons Adam and Daniel (Rob Mallard).

She said: "Back in the day, the big feud was Ken Barlow V Mike Baldwin. They hated each other!

"Mike married Ken's daughter Susan and got her pregnant knowing it would annoy Ken.

"And so in Susan's son Adam, we have a mini-Mike. Adam is all swagger and ambition. And in Daniel - Ken's son with Denise Osbourne - we've got a mini-Ken ready to go."