Lorde decided to take a break from music after the hectic lifestyle became "normalised".



The 20-year-old singer shot to fame when she was just 16 after the release of her hit single 'Royals', and - after releasing her debut album 'Pure Heroine' - retreated from the spotlight a year later.

Two years after she took her break from fame, the brunette beauty says her decision to take a step back came after she found the idea of fame became too normal, as experiencing stardom at such a young age was "so crazy".

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "Now I can look back and be like, 'That was f***ed.' All of it. F***ed. Insane. But everyone's so crazy when they're 16. I think if you tell a 16-year-old that they're going to Mars - 'We're gonna get on a rocket and go, and that's going to be your life' - they'd be like, 'OK, like, that's all well and good, but I'm doing this thing by myself right now, and that's what's important.' Everything kind of normalised week to week."

Meanwhile, the 'Green Light' singer recently said she's "no good at selling the dream" of stardom and "finds it very jarring" when she is put in the spotlight.

She said: "I am not a good famous person. I am a writer, that is what I am good at. I can build stuff and sing stuff, but I am not good at selling the dream. I don't look like magic when I get out of the car. Some people tell their story through these photos, but that is truly not my strength.

"I hate it and every time it happens to me, I feel unsafe. I still find it very jarring. I feel very lucky that I don't draw attention. I love the fact that I can go play before the headliner at Coachella and then I can be, like, 'Bye-bye! I am going to New Zealand.'"

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