Lucy Watson's dog has to be stroked at all times.

Lucy Watson and James Dunmore

Lucy Watson and James Dunmore

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star has taken to social media to show how needy her pet pooch named Digby is.

The brunette beauty shared a video on her Instagram Story, which lasts on the photo-sharing site for 24 hours, of her stroking the furry four-legged animal's stomach and chin.

On the clip she wrote: "He doesn't like it when I stop (sic)."

However, when Lucy pulled her hand away her pet reached out to grab her arm, as if to bring it back to caressing him.

And Lucy, who is an ambassador for cruelty-free organisation Peta, is taking to the streets to campaign against animal cruelty and the use of fur in fashion.

Speaking in a clip on Instagram about her latest project and support for the charity organisation, she said: "I'm campaigning with Peta today against Canada Goose."

The television personality and activist then panned to the group of people who joined her to campaign, which saw one woman standing with her leg in a mock bear trap with fake blood dripping down her leg in a bid to attract awareness.

Lucy - who is currently dating former E4 co-star James Dunmore - said: "These are the traps people use to cut furs."

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