Mel C had to stop herself from "stalking" guys she was dating.

Mel C

Mel C

The former Spice Girls singer - who split from Thomas Starr, the father of her nine-year-old daughter Scarlet, in 2012 - admits suddenly being single again was "really weird" and she has struggled to get to grips with dating in the age of social media.

The 42-year-old star said: "Finding myself single again, aged 39, was really weird.

"I had a few dates, mostly disastrous and began behaving like a teenager again - wondering why some guy hadn't texted me back or worrying I'd bump into him in the street looking s**t.

"Social media has made dating a minefield. I had to stop myself stalking people.

"It was an exciting time because I felt youthful, but I did have to tell myself to stop being silly and crying over boys. I'm a mum, for Christ's sake."

Mel's new album, 'Version of Me', is her first since splitting from Thomas and she found it hard holding back her emotions in the recording studio.

She told The Times newspaper: "All of my life is in there.

"This is my first album since splitting with the father of my little girl, so obviously that was a huge upheaval.

"I don't want to sound like a tosser but in the studio doing vocals I was holding back the tears.

"Some wonderful things happened to me recently, but it's also been a tough time."

And the 'Going Down' hitmaker needs her life to be organised, as though she enjoys brief periods of spontaneity, she quickly comes crashing down.

She said: "It baffles me how life can be turned upside down by one tiny change in your circumstances.

"I've battled with depression in the past, that's no secret.

"I'm such a control freak, so organised, and when I'm on top of that I'm great.

"When that goes away I think I'ma real rebel and try to be spontaneous. A week later I'm on the floor sobbing, convinced my life is in tatters."

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