Melissa McCarthy is "shocked and heartbroken" after her TV sitcom was axed.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

'Mike & Molly' - which Melissa has starred in since 2010 - will end after its upcoming sixth season, which has been cut to just 13 episodes and Melissa admitted the news took her by surprise.

She tweeted: "I was shocked and heartbroken when @CBS canceled #MikeAndMolly. I would have shot this show for 50 more years. I'll miss my 2nd family (sic)."

Rondi Reed - who plays Mike's mother Peggy on the show - first revealed on Facebook last week that the show had been axed.

She wrote: "This is the final and sixth season of Mike & Molly on CBS.... We are done taping as of January 27th. Other venues were explored by [Warner Bros. TV] and [Chuck Lorre's] Bonanza Productions after CBS announced their intentions, but did not turn up a future for our show (sic)."

During her time on the show Melissa has seen her film career go from strength-to-strength, with an Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for 'Bridesmaids; in 2011.

Last week she also received her first ever Golden Globes nomination for her role in the movie 'Spy' and will compete against Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Dame Maggie Smith and Lily Tomlin for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical.

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  1. by Rod Seel 21st Mar 2016 07:12

    She's funny, i'll miss the show.

  2. by carl perkins 21st Mar 2016 12:08

    she is good actress but the script is so mediocre..don't blame her..there is another sitcom that really must go " two broken girls " REALLY STINKS...looks like after Seinfield there was not other better nor even close real funny sitcom ..and Seinfield still playing in CBS

  3. by Victoria Jones 25th Mar 2016 02:42

    They are all great in this show and we will miss them all.

  4. by Dinx Productions 25th Mar 2016 22:28

    Finally some good news! Now if she would just stop making movies, that would be awesome. I liked her the first time I saw her, when she was called Chris Farley. Boring actor just doing what we have all seen before.

  5. by Mike D 26th Mar 2016 03:34

    Its interesting/curious that in the CBS/CW conglomerate they kept all eleven of their CW series but are going after the CBS end of the franchise. Supergirl seems to be hanging by a thread too. The Good Wife is shutting down. Next year's CW will look pretty much like this year's CW but CBS is looking at some noteable series turnover.

  6. by Jalee Bluemoon 27th Mar 2016 06:40

    If you don't like her movies, then don't watch them.

  7. by Jalee Bluemoon 27th Mar 2016 06:50

    I'll really miss the show. Good shows get canceled, but the crappy ones continue to run.

  8. by Master Blaster 29th Mar 2016 17:30

    it's retaliation for ruining Ghostbusters...

  9. by Sheryl Crouch 30th Mar 2016 03:44

    I don't know how 2 Broke Girls is still on the air!! It's stupid!! I loved Mike & Molly!!

  10. by teila 01st Apr 2016 14:14

    Shows that make a lot of money don't get cancelled.

  11. by Jalee Bluemoon 01st Apr 2016 14:27

    Exactly as I said. Keeping up with the Kardashian's is just one show that proves my point. People are too easily entertained by the talentless, which keeps that crap on the air.

  12. by teila 01st Apr 2016 14:31

    You're 100% correct. It just goes to show you how many brain-dead people we have in the world. The scary thing is that many of these same people are registered to vote! ((chuckle))

  13. by Jalee Bluemoon 01st Apr 2016 14:39

    Exactly!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a fan!

  14. by Sam 01st Apr 2016 20:01

    I'm not a fan of either show. It happens, life goes on.

  15. by Jalee Bluemoon 01st Apr 2016 20:23

    Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea.

  16. by FloridaBoyee 02nd Apr 2016 12:30

    You could not help but to laugh at the sister, her mother, and mother's boyfriend, as well as Mike's partner. Never knew what the writers were going to supply to them and the way they all carried their roles in unique ways! Some of the new shows are ESTUPIDO!!

  17. by Victoria Jones 03rd Apr 2016 16:18

    I was really wanting to see Mike and Molly have a baby. Guess they will put some stupid sci-fi crap in it's place.

  18. by TOP 03rd Apr 2016 19:10

    I thought it had been cancelled a couple of years ago.

  19. by TOP 03rd Apr 2016 19:11

    LOL-I thought it was just me!

  20. by TOP 03rd Apr 2016 19:16

    Another Whitney Cummings flop.

  21. by Richard 05th Apr 2016 14:25

    The politically correct agenda pushed by Hollywood with "Mike and Molly" is that fat people are just as attractive and sexy as slim fit people, especially when it comes to women. Not true. Never was true and never will be true. So, after the dumb lemmings fell for this PC show and watched it religiously so as to prove that they weren't prejudiced against fat people the thing finally hit the wall of reality. Of course Melissa McCarthy is shocked and dismayed about her show's cancellation. Fatties have now been voted out and it's bye bye for her!

  22. by Joe 07th Apr 2016 01:37

    Finally someone else has the balls to speak the truth! Society has made it ok to be overweight , just like everyone who participates gets a trophy nowadays. Everyone is way too damn sensitive, fat people, gay people, black people, white people, religious people it's ridiculous! If it wasn't so sad it would almost be funny. While I am NO supporter of terrorism against any country most importantly OUR COUNTRY I can see why they feel about Americans the way they do. I'm sure someone will be offended by this post and I will have Homeland Security at my front door in an hour but honestly I don't give a shit anymore.

  23. by Timothy Yoder 12th Apr 2016 06:24

    Great show. Too bad. ..

  24. by Whit "Whitney" White 12th Apr 2016 15:44

    They vote Early, Often and when Dead.

  25. by Whit "Whitney" White 12th Apr 2016 15:45

    Whut you talking bout, willis ?

  26. by TimeforaCulling 13th Apr 2016 11:59

    No one watched two fat people. Go be fat somewhere else.

  27. by Chris Rose 13th Apr 2016 17:52

    Spot On...Arrested Development is the Poster Child for amazing shows that get smart for mainstream America....Liberals are consumed by thoughtless drivel since their brains are filled with air and who gets to potty long live keeping up with Kardashians and Teen Moms.........whoop

  28. by Steve 16th Apr 2016 12:41

    I kinda got tired of the show, but she has proved to be a good actress and I wish her luck in the future.

  29. by Big Wes 17th Apr 2016 13:55

    My biggest complaint is that THEIR vote counts exactly the same as mine.

  30. by 7train1 19th Apr 2016 17:08

    A poorly written copy of Rosanne. Like "How I Met Your Mother" is simply a rebranding of Friends - without anything clever.

  31. by Derek Johnson 23rd Apr 2016 16:36

    You'll notice that they waited until Harold Ramis died before rolling out this new Ghostbusters movie. My guess is that Harold Ramis held rights to Ghostbusters and wouldn't let them do it. So after He died, they did it anyway.

  32. by Master Blaster 25th Apr 2016 13:47

    Agreed, because he would never sign off on that piece of shit movie.

  33. by Dan Tucker 02nd May 2016 21:46

    Bummer, my wife and I never missed a show. I'll truly miss it...

  34. by Richard 06th May 2016 13:53

    Truth is tough to swallow, tougher even than kale!

  35. by Richard 06th May 2016 13:58

    What all of those jackass PC anus-holes conveniently forget is the fact that nobody has a constitutional right to "not be" offended. Political correctness is nothing more than The Left's attempt to silence those with whom they disagree. In effect, they step on the First Amendment every time they stifle free speech with their "childishness!"

  36. by booboothebear 11th May 2016 14:18

    Let me guess: The moderator is an obese, man-hating, bull-dyche feminazi.

    Am I right?

  37. by Country Crock 19th May 2016 17:15

    "Liberals are consumed by thoughtless drivel since their brains are filled with air and who gets to potty where"

    Chris, you misspelled" repubkicans"

  38. by BichonLover 22nd May 2016 21:46

    They need to take the no talent Kardashians off the air and put M & M back on!!!!

  39. by SR 23rd May 2016 23:05

    its a shame they keep crap on and take of classic. I will miss Mike and Molly. Some of states it was because of her weight loss which would be disrespectful and discriminating if so. Is gave obese women all around the globe hope and confidence that is not shared on networks

  40. by Karin 26th May 2016 14:34

    I liked how Melissa is more beautiful now with the slimmer body

  41. by bobcat 30th May 2016 19:02

    thats the stupid stupid show i every seen any watch. real stuppid glad its off tv. cry baby cry fake as hillary an bill clinton two more stupid stupid people.

  42. by Talvorian Dex 06th Jun 2016 17:53

    Let's bring back weighted voting. Maybe we can use the Roman system, where all the commoners were put into four tribes whose votes really didn't matter much. That sounds like the American way.

    To argue that is to argue that a representative republic is doomed to failure. Perhaps an oligarchy is more your style? But only so long as you're one of those who have power, right?

  43. by JE Jeffries 24th Jun 2016 22:31

    Maybe something more similar to the early US. Not to be discriminatory on race or gender, but you had to have some skin in the game.

  44. by TheseEyesSeeLies 28th Jun 2016 11:21

    I really liked the series. It contained a lot of cutting edge comedy. McCarthy has a bright future, but the rest of the cast might not.

  45. by Bryce Sherwood 03rd Jul 2016 14:34

    shoot, and I just bought a wide screen TV

  46. by Pioche 17th Jul 2016 19:16

    I won't believe? I won't care enough to believe or disbelieve.

  47. by worldbeat99 24th Jul 2016 23:33

    Basic journalism. WHY was the show cancelled? That does not seem answered. Does anyone know? Ratings, fighting?

  48. by Larry 28th Jul 2016 21:18

    No interest in the show from me. I didn't even know it was still on the air. I did like her movie "Spy."

  49. by Swannyww 16th Aug 2016 14:09

    it's cheaper to run old sitcoms from the 60's and 70's then pay real live actors etc. Why create new when old junk sells. TV has become a wasteland of selling junk programs from yesteryear and puts a stop to the creative programs like Mike and Molly. Like everything it's cheaper to sell crap as long as the public buys it.

  50. by TheTexasOutcast 25th Aug 2016 12:55

    Arrested Development, was crap for the brain dead!

  51. by TheTexasOutcast 25th Aug 2016 12:58

    They will put something people watch in its place.

  52. by TheTexasOutcast 25th Aug 2016 12:59

    I don't, nor her show, the commercial for it were too much!

  53. by TheTexasOutcast 25th Aug 2016 13:01

    Ratings, it didn't make the network any money. Ratings go down, commercial time gets cheaper, eventually you can't make enough money to pay for the show. Then come the viability of syndication, this one doesn't have it, so no long term payback there.

  54. by Upper Decker King (UDK) 29th Aug 2016 09:03

    People are surprised a mediocre show gets cancelled?