Priyanka Chopra prefers "scruffy" men.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

The 'Quantico' actress insists guys should look as natural as possible and finds 'manscaping' - keeping their body hair trim - "gross".

Asked her views on manscaping on 'Live with Kelly', she said: "I hate it. It's gross.

"There're something's only women should do, please. Boys need to be effortless and scruffy, I mean well put together but not so put together."

The 34-year-old beauty turned heads in a stunning scarlet gown at the recent Emmy Awards and though she is now "over" twirling, she admits she felt like a princess at the glamorous event.

She said: "I am so over twirling now. When you wear a dress like that, then you can twirl, it was like miles of chiffon and it matched the red carpet and it was like a princess moment. That's how it started."

Priyana was the ambassador for the recent Global Citizen Festival in India and praised the event - which sees fans win free tickets by taking part in charitable endeavours as part of the Global Poverty Project's aim to end extreme poverty by 2030 - for encouraging people to get involved with making a difference to the world.

She said: "We are always complaining about how do we change, the government's not this for us or the people are not changing this for us, this initiative says you do something about it."

Priyanka recently admitted she is too "shy" to flash her flesh and prefers to stay covered up.

When asked if she would wear a bra as a top, she said: "No. I'm a little shy, and I'd prefer a shirt. I think a bra should be kept hidden, layered underneath."

But the actress admitted it is fine to not wear one at all if nobody can tell or if someone is in a private situation.

When asked about not wearing one of the undergarments, she added: "If it's in the vicinity of my bedroom, then yes - or, as long as people don't know."

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