Rufus Hound believes the Natural History Museum is the best building in London.

Rufus Hound

Rufus Hound

The 38-year-old comedian and actor has admitted the popular tourist attraction in England's capital is his most favourite place because it reminds him there is not a "magic man in the sky".

Speaking about the venue, he said: "The Natural History Museum - it dates from a time when the only buildings built on any scale were churches and it housed Darwin's writings, which have done more to persuade us that we evolved and there's not a magic man in the sky."

However, Putney also holds a soft-spot for the funnyman, because that us where he "ended up" living in his younger years.

He said: "Putney. I ended up there in my 20s - me and some friends has a mate who was a computer programmer making loads of money and he wanted to live somewhere nice and said he would pay most of the rent, while we made a contribution."

However, Rufus has admitted him and his pal were later given the boot and replaced with a piano.

He said to Metro newspaper: "So, we spent all out money on beer and were eventually replaced by a piano."

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