Sigourney Weaver reveals that she feel sorry for actresses who never became mothers.

Weaver has had a career that has spanned forty years and a string of iconic roles, but she has juggled that acting success with being a parent.

Weaver became a mother back in 1990, when she and husband Jim Simpson welcomed their daughter Charlotte into the world.

Speaking to HELLO magazine, the actress said: "I feel sorry for women like Katherine Hepburn. She might have won four Academy Awards but she never got to enjoy what it is to be a mother. I find that very sad."

And the actress says that it has been a balancing act between her career and being a mother, but it is all about 'teamwork' with her husband.

"I have a wonderful husband who's helped out a lot when I was working. I think teamwork is key if you want to have a career in Hollywood."

And Weaver shows no sign of slowing down as she has a whole host of projects in the pipeline.

She will be back on the big screen this December with Exodus: Gods and Kings, which sees her team up with Ridley Scott and Christian Bale.

She has also completed work on Chappie and is currently filming A Monster Calls.

We are also set to see the actress return to the Avatar franchise when camera start rolling on the highly anticipated sequels.

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  1. by Eniena 16th Oct 2014 22:52

    Weaver feels sad that people are able to have fulfilling lives without having children? The fact people like her think such nonsense is something to be genuinely sad about.

  2. by Alice 30th Oct 2014 08:32

    How narrow minded. Many women simply don't want children.

    I feel sorry for the women who are pressured into having children, and as a result spend the rest of their lives as an unpaid domestic servant.

    As for the women who make their own decisions and don't bow down to social pressure - bravo!