One interpretation when you dream about sardines is that you have the ability to immerse yourself in the moment and go with the flow rather than trying to cram in too much and miss out on what's happening in the present.

What does it mean when you dream about sardines?

What does it mean when you dream about sardines?

When a woman dreams about putting sardines on a table it's thought that she is worried about affections from a person who disgusts her.

It's possible you feel people are invading your personal space, you may think your life is too crowded right now and need some alone time.

Fish in general tend to represent the subconscious- if the water the sardines were swimming in was clear, its possible that you have had some mental clarity lately. If the water was murky, maybe you are feeling emotionally confused.

Sardines can also refer to people in your social life that might be trying to undermine your opinion, position or lifestyle choices.

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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