If you see a tooth fairy in your dream, it’s possible that you will be rewarded or recognised following a difficult or challenging time.

We find out what it means to dream about the tooth fairy

We find out what it means to dream about the tooth fairy

Perhaps you have been working very hard in your job and you are expecting a raise or praise from your superiors.

Maybe you have been through a rough patch in your relationship but the effort you have put in has been worth it to reconnect with your partner.

It’s possible you have been working hard to improve yourself either physically or mentally and you are expecting something positive to come from it such as improved health or happiness.

Perhaps you feel you are deserving of someone sort of ‘payment’ for whatever you’ve had to go through lately- in the form of money, attention or affection.

You may be fearful of leaving a part of your life behind as you move into the next stage- whether that’s a new job, relationship or location- perhaps you are worried that by making a change you may regret the thing or person you will leave behind.

Alternatively, do you miss the naivety of childhood? The comfort in not knowing the full picture? Would you rather be oblivious to something so you don’t have to deal with it? Maybe you miss believing in something you no longer do or have been reminiscing about your childhood lately.

You might be craving for something associated with childhood- silliness, enjoyment or fun- so you may need to find a way to get that back into your life, even as an adult.

Are you afraid of losing something or someone in your waking life? Perhaps you are not ready to let them or it go? Or maybe you are- but it’s still a big shift nevertheless and you are just aware that things won’t be the same ever again.

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