George Michael has laughed off suggestions he slept with his former Wham bandmate Andrew Ridgeley, but admits everyone thought his pop pal was also gay. The gay pop star constantly defended his bandmate Ridgeley over allegations he was a homosexual. He says, "Everyone spent their time going, "Is he gay?' And, I'd go 'He's really not.'"He was beautiful but not in a way that was going to attract me. He was too pretty, too feminine, too elegant. I can understand everyone thinking we were sleeping together - but he loves women."During his early solo career Micheal was linked with a string of high profile women including Brooke Shields. Michael came out to the public in 1998 after he was arrested for "engaging in a lewd act" in an a Beverely Hills public toilet with an undercover policeman.After this incident his relationship with Kenny Goss, his partner since 1996, became common knowledge. The star is due to be sentenced on June 8 after pleading guilty to driving while stoned. He was found slumped over the steering wheel of his Mercedes in London last October. A cocktail of drugs was found in his system including cannabis and GHB.More recently the star has returned to touring in his first set of solo concerts in 15 years.

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