Britain’s Coffee Lovers Get Through 5 Cups a Day

Britain’s Coffee Lovers Get Through 5 Cups a Day

It’s National Coffee Week and it seems that Brits are shunning on of their most favoured drinks, tea, for coffee.

Ten per cent of Brits will drink up to five cups of coffee on an average day to give them their caffeine fix.

With the majority of Brits having to work extra hard during the recession it’s no wonder that we’re boosting our coffee intake.

Shockingly, Ocado who conducted the research found that Brits are spending over £3,000 a year to fund their coffee addiction.

We’re also getting more adventurous with our coffees, with a normal coffee being shunned in favour for more sophisticated variations.

A quarter of Brits will start their day with a cappuccino and a third will start with a latte – the two most popular coffee types in Britain.

And it’s not just instant coffee that Brits are drinking so much of, Ocado has seen a rise of 55 per cent in the sales of coffee filters, beans and premium coffees.

Incredibly, two in five Brits have admitted to buying expensive coffee machines so that they can make their own coffee’s at home.

For Brits, it’s not just the buzz that counts when choosing their coffee, for 60 per cent it’s the taste.

This might be why the sales of coffee liqueurs have risen as well as the sales of rum and whisky for Irish and Calypso coffees.

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