'Pokémon Go' has launched its special Easter event.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

The popular augmented reality game has started a week long event, entitled 'Eggstravaganza', designed to let players celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter with a slew of pocket monster based fun.

Most notably, the event features a boost for the eggs which hatch after the player has walked for 2km in the real world. These eggs are the most common in the game, but for the week of the event will contain a greater variety of Pokémon, meaning players are more likely to hatch something exciting from their eggs.

The event awards players double XP for the entire week, and those players who purchase Lucky Eggs from the shop - which is also selling the items at a discounted price - will earn four times the XP when they use one of the special items.

The news comes after the app's last special event, the Water Festival, allowed users to catch special rare shiny versions of Magikarp, which appeared to be bright yellow instead of the usual red colour.

In addition, the shiny Magikarp could be evolved using 400 candies, which would transform it into the shiny version of Gyarados, which is red instead of blue.

It is unknown as of yet whether shiny Pokémon are set to be a permanent feature of the game, or if the egg themed pokemon such as Exeggcute will be available in shiny form during the Easter event.

Pokémon Go's 'Eggstravaganza' runs until April 20.