'Super Mario Odyssey' will not feature a Game Over screen when players fail a level.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

In a move similar to one on 'Grand Theft Auto V', Nintendo has revealed gamers will instead lose a minimum of 10 coins should they "die" by falling off the stage or ending up with zero HP.

Previously, the traditional Game Over screen would've appeared, much to the frustration of some.

However, there could be others who are more disappointed by the news that their hard-earned cash is set to disappear if they continue to get Mario into sticky situations.

The new move was revealed on Super Mario Odyssey's official Twitter account ahead of the release of the hotly-anticipated Nintendo Switch game, which is due to drop in October.

This comes after it was revealed last month that the title will feature 2D sections, inspired by classic NES games.

What's more, the game will see a return for Pauline, Mario's girlfriend he had to rescue from the titular giant ape in 'Donkey Kong'.

Since being held captive by DK, Pauline has become mayor of New Donk City, and will give Mario a mission to find musicians to play at a club.

It's not known whether Pauline will play a big or small part in 'Super Mario Odyssey', but speculation is rife that she could be prominent, and with 2D sections there may even be a Donkey Kong/King Kong homage at some point in the game.

In other Nintendo news, the games giant has released a free 'Splatoon 2' demo ahead of the game dropping on July 21.