Will you be changing your home this Decorating Month?

Will you be changing your home this Decorating Month?

We may be a nation obsessed with decorating, home makeover and property shows, but new research shows it’s having little effect on our ability to do up our homes, with most of us turning to our parents or professionals to do even the smallest jobs for us.

When it comes to decorating we're relying on TV Shows, stores, magazines and newspapers are what people are turning to for help. 

Despite 57% of us not being completely happy with our current décor, when it comes to putting these tips and advice into practice, we seem to be very much out of our comfort zone.

Over half of us rely on another family member to help us decorate or do basic home improvement tasks, and we’re most likely to call on our more DIY-capable parents. 

Naomi Cleaver – Design Consultant and Interior Designer reveals her advice for decorating your home. 

The Homebase research also revealed that one in five said they always know what they want but can't get the look, don't have the confidence and wouldn't know where to start. 

So this Decorating Month why are we all such a bundle of decorating nerves and what’s the key to confidence in the bedroom … and dining room and hallway…?



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