The silicone tool is nontoxic and can be quickly and easily cleaned by just using just soap and water or even makeup wipes. This is a much more hygienic way of applying make-up as often brushes hold onto a lot of nasty bacteria which can cause break-outs.

Make Up Drop

Make Up Drop

Silicone applicators are popular amongst make-up artists because of the versatility. They can be used to distribute sunscreens, serums, blush, highlighters and even lipstick which means you can streamline your make-up bag as this product covers all bases.

Applying make-up this way is a celebrity favourite with A-listers such as Margot Robbie, Chrissy Teigen and Natalie Portman all using silicone applicators to achieve their flawless finish.

Silicone applicators such as MakeupDrop are cruelty free, unlike make-up brushes where many brands use animal hair.

This is a much more gentle way of applying product to your face, where your skin is the most delicate. Using a soft silicone sponge will not pull your skin which can often happen if you are using dirty applicators such as un-clean make-up brushes.

Up to 50% of make-up goes to waste when you apply it with a brush or traditional sponge, however, the silicone material does not absorb product which means less waste and your products lasting even longer.

The silicone material gives a flawless and natural finish without any give-away brush lines. While the different application method of spreading products in a circular motion may take a little time to get used to, once you try the new and innovative way to apply your products you won’t ever look back.

This applicator can reduce the appearance of under eye bags too; you can simply pop the silicone sponge into the freezer and then dab on your under eye area to sooth tired eyes and bags.

Silicone applicators are a make-up artist must-have, the professional’s love the clever way of applying product due to how quick it is to use and to clean.

The firmness of the silicone texture means that it is very different to other sponges on the market; this design makes it perfect for contouring and professional blending. 

MakeupDrop™ Silicone Makeup Applicator £14 is available from Boots stores nationwide and from

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