Would you ever go under the knife to look like a celeb?

Would you ever go under the knife to look like a celeb?

Angelina Jolie’s lips and Holly Willoughby’s breasts are key body parts that Brits would like to emulate, and more than on in 20 would even consider going under the knife to make themselves look like their favourite celebrity.  

The poll by hair care retailer Fabriah.com found that six per cent of respondents had considered going under the knife to look more like their favourite famous face.

The survey of 530 18 - 30 year olds, found that 83% had a celebrity whose style they wanted to imitate. But whilst some would go to extraordinary lengths to look like them, obviously others wouldn't. 

72% admitted to copying a celebrity's hairstyle, and 62% imitate their style and 32% have taken inspiration in the form of cosmetics and make-up. 

However, a committed six per cent said that they would be prepared to have plastic surgery to imitate an admired star’s looks. Participants cited Angelina Jolie’s lips and Holly Willoughby’s breasts as key body parts they’d like to emulate.

Fabriah.com spokesperson Francesca Davies commented: “The influence celebrities have on style and fashion is immense. We’ve all heard of the Kate Middleton effect, if she’s seen wearing a dress one day it will be sold out the next.

“I’m not surprised that most people have copied a celeb’s hairstyle, after all it is the easiest and potentially cheapest way to get the celeb look.

“With this survey polling both genders, it is interesting to note that younger men are increasingly looking towards other male celebs as style icons. After all, how many guys wouldn’t want to look like David Beckham?”

One female respondent commented: “If I had my way, I’d have Kate Middleton’s hair, and Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe – it would just be the perfect combination.

“I doubt I would go as far as having plastic surgery to look like either of them, although saying that I doubt my husband wouldn’t mind me copying certain aspects from Katie Price.”

Another man said: “I wouldn’t go under the knife to look like a celeb but I’ve definitely modelled my appearance on some of them. For instance I’ve just had my hair cut like Justin Timberlake’s.

“People have always copied the famous’ fashion and I think they always will, however I think having plastic surgery is the line between health admiration and dangerous obsession.”

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