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Gucci Shoes

Painful high heels are causing over 70% of the UK’s party girls to end their nights out early according to new research.

Everyone knows that for many women the mantra no pain no gain rings true when it comes to footwear but clearly the pain can on occasions become just too much to bear.

The research by Redfoot, the makers of After Party Shoes, was conducted across five of the UK’s major cities including London, Manchester and Liverpool found that girls were suffering from such severe foot pain they had to end their night early and head home with bare feet and stilettos in hand.

Steven Smith MD of Redfoot APS comments: ‘The results of this survey indicate that the stiletto just cannot hold up to a full night of partying. As well as the obvious annoyance of ending a night out with your friends early, the constant wearing of stilettos and the pain this causes has obvious health implications.’

Europe’s leading foot specialist from Parish & Bell Les Bailey explains why girls across the UK are experiencing such severe foot pain from their stilettos: ‘High heels put extreme pressure on the metatarsals (in the ball of the foot) causing damage and pain to the foot which will result in both short term and long term effects.”

Despite the pain they cause- us girls just don't want to give up our sexy party shoes but perhaps it's wise to carry a pair of flats in our bags for when it gets too much for our tootsies.