What's your biggest beauty fear?

What's your biggest beauty fear?

Women's biggest beauty fear has been revealed, and it's getting caught without make-up on by their boss. 


Being caught au naturel by the person that pays their wages would leave women more red faced than being caught fresh-faced by their partner. The survey of 2,000 UK women revealed that more than one in five feared being seen by their boss without being fully made up more than by their partner.

And this desire to never be caught short is leading to women risking skin complaints and infections by leaving make-up on for days on end. 

A fifth of those asked in the survey admitted leaving mascara on for up to three days while 1 in 20 said five days was not unusual. Coventry ladies are risking eye infections more than most, with more than 1 in 10 saying they had left mascara on for more than eight days.

Andrew Freeman, commercial manager at Halo, who conducted the research, said: “For most women, make-up allows them to feel confident and look their best, so it’s not surprising that their boss is the last person they would want to see without any cover-up.”

The research also showed those who are taking their make-up off are doing so several hours after first applying. Almost half of those asked said they put make-up on between 7am and 8am. On average the first application time of the day is 7.34am, with make-up then left on until 9.35pm.

Andrew continued: “We know from our research that make-up hygiene is not top priority for busy women on the go. They need solutions which they can easily fit into their busy lifestyle; products which save time but also help avoid putting themselves at risk of infections.”

Women are also neglecting make-up cleanliness, with more than a quarter of those asked admitting to never cleaning make-up brushes; a further third said they did so less than every six weeks. Experts recommend brushes should be cleaned weekly to avoid infections.

Swansea women are the worst offenders, with 44 per cent admitting they have never cleaned their brushes. They should take a lesson from Aberystwyth where one in five wash their brushes weekly.

Andrew concluded: “Make-up is a significant investment for women over the year; our research showed that the average UK woman spends £179.51 each year on make-up.

“So, while it may be a chore to keep brushes and make-up bags clean, it is absolutely worth the time investment in the long run to ensure women maintain healthy skin and get the most out of their products.” 

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