Beyonce's Oscars Outfit

Beyonce's Oscars Outfit

Last night saw the event of the year take place as the 81st Oscars took over Hollywood. With the world's media casting a critical eye over the whole affair, there was no excuse to get it wrong when it came to the outfits, yet so many including fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, disappointed us with their choice in dresses.

Beyonce choose a figure hugging black dress with gold flower detail by her own label House of Dereon for the occasion and we're afraid it just really doesn't work.

The flower pattern is just too big and reminds us a little of the carpet in our Grandma's house. While we think that the singer has a gorgeous figure, the black panels down the side of the dress make her look a little, dare we say it, wide. We're not keen on the fishtail design either, if the dress just continued straight down, it would look a lot more elegant whereas this is just a little too old school.

When it comes to hair, we know that awards ceremonies seem to have been taking place everyday recently and you might be getting a bit sick of glamming up but come on Bey, this is the Oscars, a simple pony tail just won't cut it. Your skin does look flawlessly beautiful though.

Slumdog Millionaire was one of the big winners on the night scooping eight out of ten awards but leading lady Freida Pinto let the team down on the red carpet.

Freida  had done so well at previous awards ceremonies, regularly appearing on our best dressed list but whoever told her electric blue lace was a good look must be kicking themselves now! We know that one-shouldered dresses are the only way to go at the moment but we think the aim is for one strap not a full sleeve.

The John Galliano dress itself is actually ok but we just can't forgive that sleeve. It reminds of too much of Madonna circa 1985, not a good look.

You can usually rely on Sarah Jessica Parker to get look spectacular but we're not too keen on last night's Dior Haute Couture dress. The tulle skirt was too prom dress queen for our liking and the white belt round the middle just looked out of place.

We can't quite make our minds up on the glittery corset but it's quite a surprise to see SJP's boobs so out there, she's usually more modest there!

Miley Cyrus has caused offence to another group of people this week, fashion fans. This dress by Zuhair Murad looks like it was made from glittery lettuce leaves. Like SJP she has opted to throw a belt over the dress, which with all them sparkles really doesn't need any accessories.

We can forgive Miley though as she's only young and at 16 we were more than partial to a sparkle or two but Beyonce, Freida and Sarah, you should really know better! This is the Oscars, only perfect will cut it.

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  1. by Catherine 23rd Feb 2009 12:27

    I cannot believe that you've put Freida Pinto and Sarah Jessica Parker in the worst dressed, both the dresses are gorgeous! If I'm honest I don't think any of the women on the carpet we... Read More

  2. by Mama9 23rd Feb 2009 14:31

    I think Miley's dress would look better if it had one less row around the bottom and less puff under it.

  3. by Pam Cotter 23rd Feb 2009 14:49

    I would have rather watch paint dry then watch last nights Oscars.
    What was that Whoopi was wearing????

  4. by DJ 23rd Feb 2009 16:51

    And what was that "dress" Goldie Hawn was wearing?

  5. by Rachel Parks 23rd Feb 2009 19:03

    I think your fashion sense is terrible. Obviously you do not know true glamour when it hits you.

  6. by AMY 23rd Feb 2009 20:42


  7. by J Victor Clark 24th Feb 2009 16:17

    We forget that some people "dress" for who they are culturally, Freida Pinto's dress is reminiscent of a formal indian dress. She is one of the best dressed in my book.

  8. by chica 24th Feb 2009 19:53

    Is Sarah Jessica Parker trying to outdo Glenda the Good Witch?