Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke was stopped at Heathrow airport for being over the luggage limit, after it was revealed his suitcases were jam-packed full of shoes.

The award-winning actor had over packed his luggage and was told to redistribute his shoes into other suitcases, before he could board his flight.

Rourke was on his way home to New York on Wednesday, after an eight-day stay in London, where he was awarded a best actor BAFTA for his role in hit movie, The Wrestler.

An airline source told The Mirror: "It was really weird and extraordinary to watch, Five-and-a-half stone- 36kg- of shoes is one heck of a lot of shoes, especially for a bloke."

"Staff thought at first he must have had his BAFTA in his case," the source added.

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