Bella Hadid admits her style is "similar" to when she was 15.

Bella Hadid modelling for Nike

Bella Hadid modelling for Nike

The 20-year-old beauty maybe one of the most of the world's most in-demand models working with Nike on the company's campaign to celebrate the 45th anniversary of their iconic Cortez sneaker and fashion giants like Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Chanel and Alexander Wang but she insists her fashion choices haven't changed that much since she was a high school student.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Bella said: "It's funny, I just looked at a picture from when I was 15 and my style is so similar.

"Except I just used to wear vintage clothes, I wouldn't buy designer stuff and I wear more heels now. I've always worn a lot of leather and sneakers, though."

As well as being one of the models of the moment, Bella - whose sister is fellow model Gigi Hadid - also has a massive social media presence with 13.5 million followers on Instagram and over 780,000 followers on Twitter and she admits she feels under pressure to be mature and responsible even though she's only 20.

She explained: "It's crazy because even the people that look up to me are older than me. I'm still growing and that's the hardest part, because if you're in the spotlight you're immediately an adult.

"I'm still learning how to deal with that. It's hard. The thing I'd do is the same s**t other 20 year olds in college would do but it's different for me because people are watching. I work as hard as I can and strive to be the best that I can be so I can be the best role model for others."

Now for the 45th anniversary of the Cortez, Bella has teamed up with Nike to launch the birthday update - a perforated white leather and gold detailing trainer - and the model says she has always worn Nike.

She said: "It's crazy because I've always loved Nike, it just always seemed untouchable.

"But the shoot in LA was so much fun and what's so cool about working with the brand - it's not about looking perfect and polished. It's about activity, being yourself and being powerful."

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