Christina Ricci is a "make-up freak".

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

The 37-year-old actress has admitted she is obsessed with wearing cosmetic products and she has joked it is "always evening" on her face because she applies so many beauty products it looks like she is getting glammed up for a special occasion.

The 'The Addams Family' star told "[I am] a make-up freak! I like to joke that it's always evening on my face: I generally do different kinds of smoky eyes. I'll apply a wash of gold Charlotte Tilbury shadow or contour my eyes using browns from my favourite Tom Ford palette."

The blonde haired beauty has revealed she will add a touch of concealer under her eyes if she looks tired and her eyes are "sunken".

She added: "And I'll add a little Clé de Peau concealer if I'm tired and my eyes look sunken."

Christina - who has two-year-old son Freddie with her husband James Heerdegen - has revealed her favourite beauty product is mascara, which she will layer on to resemble her ultimate style icon Twiggy.

Speaking about her essential products, she said: "Mascara. I grew up idolizing Twiggy, so it makes sense. I'll layer two different formulas so that it looks like I'm wearing false lashes."

And Christina's beauty tip is to use a metallic eyeliner around the rim of her eyes to make them look bigger and brighter.

She said: "Line the inner rims with a metallic colour that reflects light. The makeup artist Francelle Daly taught me that."

Although Christina loves to take extra care and time when she applies her make-up, she has admitted she barely touches her eyebrows.

When asked how she maintains her facial hair: "Cutting my bangs so that I can't touch them. Because you don't see my brows, you can just ignore them and let them grow in. Now I'll just do maintenance--remove the stray hair then walk away from the mirror. I think a lot of success with makeup comes from knowing when to stop and walk away."

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