Henry Holland's House of Holland x Habitat range was inspired by 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'.

Henry Holland

Henry Holland

The 32-year-old fashion designer, who collaborated with the interior brand in November 2015, has admitted his latest venture was based on his Spring/Summer 2016 clothing collection, which was influenced by the 1998 cult film starring Johnny Depp, although he admits the pieces are not too "overbearing".

Speaking to Stylist magazine about his seventies style home ware capsule, he said: "The collection is based on my Spring/Summer 2016 line, which was inspired by 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. This relates to a scene shot with a rose-tinted lens, giving a hazy pink tinge.

"I've combined textures - velvet print, the embroidered bug and a pink leaf made with taffeta, which is a noisy fabric. If you've got this cushion in your house, people are going to know about it.

"It's the first time Habitat has used digital print on upholstery, so it was exciting. It's striking without being overbearing."

However, Henry - who emerged on the fashion scene in 2008 with the launch of his clothing line - admitted he was faced with a lot of obstacles creating the interior decorations that include catfish throw, an abel sofa, a paradise leaf print rug, which he hasn't faced when producing wearable garments.

He explained: "I'd wanted velvet, but I didn't realise how many restrictions there are on upholstery fabrics - it's nothing like fashion."