Riccardo Tisci believes sportswear is having a "big moment".

Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci

The 42-year-old fashion designer has collaborated with NikeLab and has re-designed the Air Max 97 trainer to celebrate the label's 30th anniversary, which has seen the mogul add "more height" and "more street" to his creations, because he believes athleisurewear is the most popular trend at the moment.

Speaking about his partnership to WWD, the creative mastermind said: "I gave the shoe more height. I think it's much more street. It's a new kind of stance, one which I would want in my wardrobe.

"Fashion is having a big moment with sportswear, which is good. But I think honesty is what people really want in design."

Riccardo first collaborated with the fashion house in 2014 and has since created a variety of styles for the brand, and he has revealed his love of designing innovative footwear is because shoes have always had a "huge influence" on him throughout his life, and are a big part of the Italian culture.

The Taranto-born entrepreneur explained: "The shoes had a huge influence and a huge impact in Italian culture. For me the shoes are classic, but not classic in the boring way. Classic in the way like when you are looking up in Rome, seeing the architecture and the sculptures."

Riccardo's designs will be available to buy on Air Max Day, which is celebrated on March 26, and will retail for $200.

Meanwhile Riccardo - who recently quit his role as creative director of Givenchy - has revealed his sisters "inspired" him to become a fashion designer.

Speaking previously, he said: "My daily life, my energy, my everything - I've been educated only by women. I had women around me - my mommy and my eight sisters. So I'm inspired by that.

"I've always consulted on how my sisters dress. I actually got into beauty and into creativity because I used to watch my sisters getting ready to go out and they were always very over the top. And I was interested in all of their metamorphoses, like putting make-up on, doing their hair, putting their clothes together. And it was interesting for me, the transformation."