Roselyn Sanchez for PETA

Roselyn Sanchez for PETA

Roselyn Sanchez is the latest celebrity to get her clothes of for animal rights in the fur debate.

The sexy Without a Trace star has posed naked in a poster for the anti-fur campaign by PETA. She follows in the footsteps of Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate and Pamel Anderson who have ttok part in similar campaigns for the organisation.

Roselyn is pictured pressed up against a shopw window with the New York street behind her. Her modesty is barley covered by her long wavyu hair and some cleverly placed text.

The poster reads 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' and is designed to send a message to the fashion industry and shoppers about the cruelty involved in using animal fur to make clothes.

Dita Von Teese hit the headlines last year after she refused to stop wearing fur - despite appearing in a Peta campaign.

The 34-year-old - real name Heather Renée Sweet - had been hired by PETA to promote the importance of spaying and neutering.But she claimed she wasn't ordered to cut back on her fur affections.

She says, "PETA's totally aware of me. "I'm not working with PETA to tell people to be vegetarians or to stop wearing fur. I am there to strictly speak about spaying and neutering your pets."

Peta admitted it was aware of Von Teese's love of fur before approaching her to star in its campaign.

"She said she has some vintage furs she wears occasionally," said a spokesperson.

Caz Moss- Female First

  1. by Narelle Alice Crilly 01st Feb 2008 15:06

    Another finely written piece of journalism by Caz Moss.

  2. by maggie 02nd Feb 2008 06:16

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