Superman - The Hero For the Underwear-Outerwear Generation

Superman - The Hero For the Underwear-Outerwear Generation

Oh My God, could there be a better trend to continue into 2010? Underwear as outerwear is a definite DO, but only if you can get it right.

Although we are fighting the feeling that we may have travelled back in time to the set of an 80s Madonna video, relishing and basking in a sea of sequins, lace and silk, we are secretly enjoying the air grazing our semi-revealing skin.

However, what we do not want is for you to slum it in a pair of unsightly knickers and set off for a right old laugh down at The Old Dog. We're thinking more classy than trashy. Oh, and never ever should anyone wear a corset outside of the bedroom, eye-wretching muffin tops should be kept at bay.

The key to flauting your underwear in 2010, is to keep it simple and small. Don't go OTT with the skin display, you're not in a low budget horror movie.

Here are our picks to get your fashion juices flowing:

Lace Body Topshop - £25

Lace bodies are a great way to ease into the underwear-outerwear trend, they are literally everywhere, easily teamed with skirts, shorts, leggings (don't just wear them on their own though please). Team it with a pair of silk shorts and a blazer for instant class that Stephanie Beecham would be proud of.

Iona Body - £75

Ok so maybe a bit pricey, and technically doesn't look much like underwear, but it is from Agent Provocateur so that answers all questions of doubt and swerves nicely into the palms of our anticipating hands. This body pulls in your figure and enhances the bust with inbuilt padded cups, clever eh?

Boudoir Capped Sleeve Lace Body - £20

Our favourite online fashion store Asos have jumped on the body bandwagon and given us this short sleeved 'Boudoir' body in black.

Pretty Lace Bandeau - £7.99

Urban outfitters have a serious bandeau addiction, and we love this lacey number. Team it with a floaty skirt, or show it off underneath an oversized top if you're not so confident.

Floral Zip Front Bralet - £25

Maybe we have Topshop's underwear obsessed designers to thank for the wave in lingerie crazes, but if the bralet is the road for you in terms of outerwear, Topshop are topdog. This floral one looks best teamed with a high waisted bodycon skirt.

Floral Lace Halter Bralette - £23.72

For a fresh summer look - we know, it's not summer yet, we are merely thinking ahead - we have found one of the most amazing sites ever. are selling this gorgeous summer halter bralette which will look great with a ruffled skirt.

Black Lace Leggings - £12

It seems the general rule is that if it's lacey, then it's worthy. Lace leggings are pretty cool these days and come in a variety of colours. These black ones are from Dorothy Perkins for £12.

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