We are used to celebs like the Kardashians, Lorraine Kelly and Kelly Brook looking stunning in their swimwear, so the pressure of taking the perfect holiday snap can be a challenge. eBay.co.uk has come to the rescue and teamed up with celebrity photographer Louis Hollingsbee to create a 'celebrity masterclass' for creating sizzling summer snaps.

Are you getting the most from your holiday pics?

Are you getting the most from your holiday pics?

As thousands of social media savvy Brits hit the beach this summer, the online marketplace, which boasts over 96,000¹ camera and smartphone listings, sells nearly 500 'camera' related items every hour².

Louis says, "Love them or hate them, we're all guilty of a cheeky beach shot or holiday selfie to brag about the beautiful location you're in or show off your killer tan. However, not all of us get it right. To construct the perfect pose you need good light, a nice angle, and maybe a little filter in there for good measure. So I've put together the perfect selfie guide to ensure you get it picture perfect."

1) Know which poses work for you and what would be considered cool or passé. Take a leaf out of Made in Chelsea Lucy Watson's book and practise your pose in the bathroom mirror to ensure your look is right. The trick is your angle and the framing of the picture so don't be afraid to snap away until happy with your best selfie pose to get that great look.

2) Pay attention to the light. Having a solid light source, like the sun, is essential to taking a selfie. Sunny natural light is the most flattering kind, so try to take the picture or selfie outside by the pool or on the beach or, if indoors, near a window. Best times are either in the morning between 7am-11am or between 1.30pm to 5pm.

3) Don't flash it. Try not to use the flash if possible, as it can create a really bright glare on your face, especially if taking pictures up close and will also give you the dreaded red eye. Help is on hand though as most smartphones and cameras can help get rid of any unwanted red eyes.

4) Be sure to smile or at least be cheerful. Sad faces, frowns or puckering up aren't the best look. So be sure to check out David Beckham's natural selfie poses for inspiration.

5) Lean in. If taking a body shot standing, make sure you lean a little forward but keep straight and suck in your stomach if you haven't been to the gym recently. Kim Kardashian is a great example of someone who regularly takes snaps of herself and knows the angles to show off her best assets.

6) Do the leg work. Celebrities like Rihanna love to post pictures of their "Hot Dog Legs" on holiday sitting on a sun lounger. If you want to share this look make sure you frame it right and keep your legs together.

7) Set the scene. The best pictures have more than just you in them. Think about your surrounding area as clear backgrounds will tell those looking at your picture where you are in the world.

8) More the merrier. When it comes to holiday snaps, the more you take, the more you can choose from. Don't be afraid to take lots of photos to make sure you have the best pictures to choose from to avoid disappointment when uploading to social media.

9) Be creative. If you are like Cara Delavigne and not too shy, go for it. Don't be afraid to strike a silly pose and have fun with it! These are often the best photos and will show your adventurous side and that you're not taking yourself too seriously.

10) Find your best side. Whether it's posing on your own or in a group shot, find your best side and work with it. If it's a subtle head tilt or a side on lean, find the pose that works for you and you'll feel comfortable and look great in your bikini shots.

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