Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has revealed that she has worked with some 'not so nice people'.

McGowan is best known for her role in TV series Charmed, as well as movies Planet Terror and Death Proof.

However, McGowan has revealed that on some of her projects she has not had the best of times.

When asked by Fault magazine is she has made a movie she disliked, the actress said: "Tell Tale. And there are more where that came from. It's very hard to make a film that comes together on all levels.

"It's like painting with 100 paintbrushes that are held by individual egos. Also, I've worked with some not so nice people. Such a drag. If I have a troubling experience, I won't watch the product."

McGowan currently mixing TV and film projects with series Once Upon A Time. She has also completed work on film The Tell-Tale Heart: which is directed by John La Tier.

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