Daniel Falconer

By Daniel Falconer

Music's an ever-evolving and expanding industry, and the FemaleFirst music section aims to reflect that with an extensive range of articles covering a multitude of genres.

Some big names are scheduled to release new music this year, and that will all be covered here in our pages.


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  • Why An Amy Winehouse Is A Pretty Good Idea

    Councillors in London have, after much deliberation, decided to let plans for an Amy Winehouse statue in Camden go ahead, but I think there is one good reason why...

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  • The Joy Of New Music

    The music world is now so enormous and has so many layers that if you even dig for the shortest time to discover someone new and interesting. Be it be YouTube,...

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  • Daft Punk Goes Folk

    Daft Punk roared to the top of the charts this week in the UK with their comeback song 'Get Lucky', but the funky track has already been given a totally new lick...

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