Madina Lake

Madina Lake

Does anyone else have a certain song that they can’t help but turn up full blast every time they hear it in the car? I mean, I don’t know what it is with me, Madina Lake and my little Ford Feista, but every time I hear Welcome To Oblivion I seem to think I’m a rockstar.

Granted, a traffic jam on the M6 in rush hour with the window down and a Marlbro Light between my lips might not have been the best way to showcase my talents to the world, but I was looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights turn on, it was raining and I needed an outlet for my energy.

That said, it’s not that I don’t love every other song on Madina Lake’s album Attics To Eden, but the chorus on this one is one of those that I imagine will go down in history much like the Bon Jovi Livin’ On A Prayer effort.

So, if you’re stuck for a track to get you ready for your night out this weekend, and fancy prancing around your bedroom with your hair in rollers and a hairbrush in your hand - this is the song for you… so get amongst it.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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