Katie Price

Katie Price

Let's face it, we were all waiting for the moment Katie Price took to the stage for a live performance of her new single "Free To Love Again" and at long last it's GMTV who have been graced with the honour.

To be fair to Katie, she doesn't do a bad job and rather worryingly, the single is actually starting to grow on me a little bit like that tree did during the final episode of The Demon Headmaster back when I was a kid.

Despite the fact that she's wearing a dead gorilla and her hair has been styled by Jedward (nothing compared to the fact that her male dancers are wearing corsets and look like something from Night Of The Living Dead) she pulls off the performance almost flawlessly.

We say almost because - whilst you'd be pretty stupid to think the performance featured live vocals anyway - at around 1.52 Katie forgets she's supposed to be singing live and takes the mic away from her face whilst the vocals miraculously continue for a second or two. Amazing.

Have a little look and let us know what you make of it anyway.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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  1. by Sara 16th Jul 2010 17:02

    Oh Please i have just wasted 3.02 mins of my life watching this trailer trash attempt to sing.... PLEASE STOP NOW KP

  2. by Lori 16th Jul 2010 18:28

    hahahahahahaha so funny. we all no she cant sing live or for that matter sing at all.

  3. by jelly fish scoober dive 16th Jul 2010 22:49

    katie is miming the sance steps are rehersed and too wooden to believe i think she should stick too what she knows best modeling, perfumes,books ect,and thats being kind the song not co... Read More

  4. by charlene 17th Jul 2010 02:41

    wot a load of rubbish that isnt katie price singing it sounds more like kylie minogues voice why cant she take a hint nobody cares bout her shes a fame hungry numpty which is well past ... Read More

  5. by ann 17th Jul 2010 08:35

    cant stand the women but i think this song is a bit sad ...its plan to see she still loves peter whatever she says ....cant see it making the charts but hay iv heard worse

  6. by Linda Dalton 17th Jul 2010 10:29

    Two words - CRINGE and WORTHY...ugh

  7. by Isabelle 18th Jul 2010 22:45

    The song isnt as bad as i thought it would be - but i dont know how much of that is actually her singing.

  8. by Lynne 21st Jul 2010 00:00

    OMG !! i wdnt normally comment on things like this but that has got to be the most cringeworthy 3.5 minutes i have had to sit through !! surely now she hqas got to realise what an idiot... Read More

  9. by Susan Forrester 25th Jul 2010 14:32

    O M G ..... That song is mince and she canny even sing....

  10. by Melanie 29th Jul 2010 02:08

    Why oh why do this? Why embarrass herself singing a song at her ex when shes remarried? He must of laughed his socks off watching it. No shes really not bothered and moved on...haha!

    ... Read More

  11. by melanie tiplady 23rd Sep 2010 21:44

    every girls dream would be to sing, perform and look sexy! katie is a fantastic business women...as her lovely house is 2show from it!! and is living the dream....she knows shes not the... Read More

  12. by danielle williams and georgia sexton 09th Oct 2010 11:40

    i think ur realy good and i like u by danielle

    u r soo rubbish u cant sing all u do is mime from georgia