Michael Buble

Michael Buble

Michael Buble is one brave man taking on teenybopper sensation Justin Bieber and risking the wrath of the Bieber Twitter massive.

Justin Bieber fans have already sent death threats to Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas just for being within a few feet of the star, so imagine what will happen to someone who takes the mickey out of him… it's like having the Mob after you!

Its seems that Bubz is quite the dress up fan though, because not only has he spoofed Bieber, but he seems to be mimicking George Michael, Clint Eastwood and Steel Panther and various other characters.

What do you think of Michael’s new song and video? Love it? Or are you a furious Bieberite?

Hollywood is out to buy from 11 October. Buble, we salute you.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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  1. by megan 28th Sep 2010 18:12

    the video was amazing I love michael buble he has an incredible vvoice and it was funny him taking the p*ss out of them people GO BUBLE!

  2. by Mikayla 28th Sep 2010 18:44

    i dont finkk that's funnie at all, kum on! give justin a breaak! i reaalie hate buble for this xx

  3. by Ayesha Belaid 28th Sep 2010 19:12

    I think Michael has done a brilliant job, Justin Bieber is an amazing singer, He has girls falling on there heads for him, But he souldnt get carried away, Hes only 16, Int he future we... Read More

  4. by janice 28th Sep 2010 20:40

    I think its great! This is a great song and the video is so funny!

  5. by Fay 29th Sep 2010 16:24

    YEAH!! GO MICKY BUBBLES!! I used to love him, now I love him more!! DOWN WITH BIEBER!

  6. by Ashleigh 16th Oct 2010 09:56

    I think this video is great and i love micheal buble. Plus its not like he is putting a really negative view on justin bieber or his music. Its just to get the point of the song across. Lighten up!!!!