Jonathan Antoine / Credit: Paul Marc Mitchell

Embarking on his first musical venture as a solo artist, Jonathan Antoine has gained fans all over the world following his time on Britain's Got Talent.

Debut solo album 'Tenore' is just under a month away - released October 13 - and it was recently announced the talented singer will be joining Placido Domingo as a special guest at the closing night of the iTunes Festival on September 30.

This comes after Jonathan's Balcony Roadshow, where he'll kick off a tour of venues including the Thistle Hotel in Newcastle, Manchester Cathedral and more.

Ahead of this, Jonathan has written 15 things for his fans to read exclusively on Female First - things that they may not have known before! Find out more about him below:

1) As a child I wanted to be a writer; I've even done a few articles for Huffington Post.

2) I have 3 cats, Polly, Pandora and a new addition to the family, Willow.

3) I have never been drunk in my life.

4) I write a lot of metal, using Guitarpro. I probably have hours of material stored in my laptop.

5) In my spare time, I'm part of a psychedelic prog. outfit called Passenger Casanova.

6) I own 13 guitars and hopefully, shall soon be purchasing number 14.

7) I'm crazy about the cold. I have an air-con unit for my room (bought for me by my incredible fans), and a ceiling fan going in summer.

8) I listen to literally everything, but mostly metal.

9) I'm also in a technical metal band called T.I.N.G, who as of yet have done nothing.

10) I have chewed the cable of every single set of headphones I have ever bought.

11) As a very young child I also had fairly long hair, which meant people constantly mistook me for a girl.

12) I starred in my first opera at the age of 15 albeit an opera for young people! I played the part of Tau the Lion in W11's production of Raindance.

13) I get along better with cats than people.

14) I am a fairly avid gamer, with 86 games on my steam account so far, in spite of being terrible at games.

15) One of my favourite movies of all time is Donnie Darko.

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